Hear the Word, grow in knowledge, find joy in community


Quick Start Guide

Materials Needed

A dramatized audio Bible
Print Bible
An audio playing device
An audio speaker
A facilitator
Four or more participants
A meeting location
Snacks [optional]


  1. Choose a suitable location for the speaker and audio playing device. Test the sound system and adjust the volume level.
  2. Invite participants to attend the gathering.
  3. Set out print Bibles and snacks.
  1. Welcome everyone. Using the Facilitator’s Guide and/or resources from The Bible Project, briefly introduce the passages.
  2. Play a Psalm as an opening prayer. [Optional for 20 min session]
  3. Play the Old Testament selection. Invite participants to silently reflection for about a minute.
  4. Play the New Testament selection. Pause again for reflection.
  5. Play a Psalm as a closing prayer. Thank participants for coming, and encourage them to return the following week and invite friends.